Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Time of Eucalyptus Days: An Introduction

A young family packed up all their stuff into an old Woody station wagon in 1952 and left their home in the midwest. They were headed to California (where everything turns to gold). In the Elysian fields of an unspoiled San Fernando Valley, they found an acre FOR SALE by the Donellens, an elderly couple, who called it 'our little farm'. That's how my love affair with a piece of land, began. This is the story of a nation poised on the threshold of radical change, with absolutely no idea what that might mean.

The vignettes, which follow, chronicle this adventure mostly from the perspective of the eldest daughter (me) who was 5 years old in the photograph above.

(Because I'm HTML-challenged, these blogs read backwards so that the latest chapter is next and the first chapter is down at the very end. So if you want to read about this adventure the way it happened, please scroll down to the beginning and read it from the bottom upward. Of course, its up to you!)